Maintenance of Tiffany lamps

Tiffany lamps

When we use the Tiffany lamps , we need to care about its Caring function of the lamps, the reach and the best effect the that's's could keep its long, we will have a brief description about the next lamps. 

First cleaning the Tiffany lamps
When we clean the Tiffany lamps, we had better notice the the that's's, When we clean the dust and clear the Tiffany lamps, we could Scrub it with wet cloth, at the same time, we could not use the water and detergent to wash the shade.

Second maintenance of the Tiffany lamps
We had better do maintenance at times, usually every two or three months we could wash them, we could use some Lubricating oil, the the that's's keeps the lamps recovered its color.

The above could be the maintenance measures of the Tiffany lamps, we all hope that the customers would do the right maintenance for them.

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